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Date  Type  Name Nov-30-2012 21:14 Adventure  Manhunter: New York Oct-05-2012 21:28 Action  Big Mac The Mad Maintenance Man Aug-03-2012 15:59 Action  Bruce Lee Jun-08-2012 20:10 Simulation  Lion May-17-2012 14:49 Adventure  Space quest 2 – Vohauls revenge Apr-25-2012 22:03 Misc  El-Fish Aug-26-2011 22:16 Action  Yo! Joe! May-20-2011 23:59 Action  Z-out Feb-25-2011 23:12 Action  Robinson’s requiem Feb-11-2011 […]



Name Link Description ActiveGSapp Official page Version 1.90 / Apple iiGS emulator. Very nice emulator also available as an active-X plugin. Atari 800 win+ Official page Version 4.0 / Atari 8-bit, 5200 emulator. Basilisk II Official page Version 0.8 build 146 / Apple mac emulator. This is the windows version but macos-x and linux versions […]


– Sitestats –

Total number of utils 30 Total number of games 428               Action games 167               Adventure games 71               Misc games 18               Puzzle games 31               Racing games 11               RPG games 30               Simulation games 30               Sport games 18               Strategy games 39 Total number of reviews 428 Total number of manuals 213 Total number of solves/solutions 92 Total number of […]



Name Description Abandonweb Similar to TUOL C64 Emulator VICE Vice is another great C64 emulator that supports different platforms CCS64 Emulator home Hompage of the fantastic Commodore 64 Emulator CCS64 Freetoolsassociation Great apple2gs emulator Home of the underdogs Probably the most complete abandongame website there is IF-Legends Linksite to Interactive Ficton (text-adventure) websites Just adventure […]


– F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Question) –

Playing old games Even though there is no substitute for playing these old games on the original machine there are still plenty of thing you can do to make them playable on today’s superfast computers. If you are using windows 9x/me most games will work properly because these operating systems still support most DOS functions. […]


– About The House of Games –

About this site I made this website to remember all the great games that I used to (and still!) play. The main reason being that my original games won’t last forever because floppy disks are very prone to lose data and because certain hardware is no longer made like 5,25 inch floppy drives. Also manuals […]


– About me –

About me I started playing games about 20 years ago when my friend got an Atari 2600. We would play games all the time even though most of them were very simplistic but at the time it was state of the art home entertainment. I was not able to get a computer myself until one […]


Our Mission

The House of Games is a popular Education association that aims to promote play and the development of playful practices. It has a resource center to support projects. Thus, it is present alongside any person, group, the formal or informal organization, who wants to set up a plan around the game, explore playful practices, network […]


What Are Abandonware Games?

Abandonware is a term defined by the English words abandoned and software that refers to games (or applications), but still subject to copyright. This is why abandonware is not recognized as a software distribution method and does not have any legal support. Or to the contrary; its execution is illegal without the express permission of […]